Music long held power untold,
But even we could not behold,
The potential it could bring.

For as time passed, and mankind grew,
So did our songs and music too,
Until we truly learnt to sing.

These songs brought visions, reveries
Of times gone past, our histories;
They showed us where we’re from.

It showed our futures, ones we sought,
And even ones we’d rather not;
They showed us what’s to come.

The music’s changed and twisted now,
Though to most, it’s unknown how,
As it’s all they’ve ever known.

But to us rebels, us lucky few,
We ignore their verse, neglect their tune.

We hope one day to change their song,
To lease their grip, and right their wrongs,
Although they do not know it.

And though we know it may take time,
We subvert their song through verse and rhyme.